Volunteering with Project Samoa

Thank you very much for your interest in Project Samoa.

Project Samoa is proud to offer volunteer opportunities of the highest standard in the Pacific Island of Samoa.

It is our goal to provide volunteers with a unique and rewarding experience. During your placement you will be part of the daily life of your workplace as well as your host family. You will gain a better knowledge of our culture and have an experience that simply wouldn’t be possible if you were traveling to our shores as a tourist. The Samoan people are happy and caring people so be ready to make new friends for life.

So why Project Samoa? In contrast to other volunteer organizations around the world we focus only on what we know and are good at.  Project Samoa offers volunteer placements only in Samoa because this is where we live. This is our home, our culture and this is the country we know best.  So when you arrive in Samoa you will be dealing directly with us. Not just a local office that’s open once a week so to speak.  When you arrive you will have a 3 day introduction period where you will be staying at our own Samoan Outrigger Hotel in Apia. During this time you will be introduced to Samoa, your work place and to your host family.

What can we offer? Project Samoa can organize various work placements all depending on your interest. Maybe broadcasting, journalism or tourism is something that interest you. Other options are:


Teaching volunteers will be working together with the local teachers at Primary school level (teaching children between 6 and 13). Don’t worry you do not need to have any prior experience in this field. You can still take part in teaching English, maybe music, perhaps provide simple computer lessons or help students with home work. Maybe you have other skills that could be useful? This placement is located in Apia.

Teaching (Pre-School)

Pre- School volunteers will be assistant teachers for children between 3 to 6 years old. Join the happy class room and help educate children. During your placement you will also be able to assist in the office from time to time. This placement is located in Apia.


Should you choose to volunteer in this category you would be working at a children care center or at a local center for children with special needs. Working with disabled children can be very demanding but at the same time also very rewarding. Once again prior experience is not necessary. The most important factor is your energy and passion. This placement is located in Apia.


Samoa is truly a beautiful place and about 35000 tourists visit Samoa on a yearly basis. Should your interest be in the tourism sector we can organize a work placement at a local resort. During this placement you will be staying with a host family on the south side of the island.


You will be part of a village project promoting arts and crafts for young people in a village. Some experience in arts/craft will be preferred since you will be conducting class sessions. During your placement you will be staying with a host family living on the South side of the island.

Animal care

Work together with vets at a local animal care center. Samoa has a large number of stray dogs and lots of work needs to be done in this field (such as education in animal welfare, de-sexing etc). This NGO has limited resources and welcomes all volunteers including trained vets. This placement is located in Apia.


Take part in a village horticulture project. This project is aiming to provide education as well as work opportunities for young people in a village. This project is based on the south side of the island.

If you have an interest in a certain area which is not listed please email us. We have contacts in many different areas and we will most likely be able to assist you.

No matter where your interest lies and what you choose our objective is to provide you with THAT experience of a life time. To make sure your journey is successful, we will be with you whenever needed.

Should you have any questions please email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.