About Us

Project Samoa is a division of the Samoan Outrigger Hotel Ltd, which is a fully licensed and registered company in the Independent State of Samoa.  Project Samoa is owned and managed by Claus and Laena Hermansen.

Claus Hermansen (born 1967) gave up a banking career in Copenhagen, Denmark and came to Samoa in May 1994. Here he opened the Samoan Outrigger Hotel in December 1994 and has since then owned various business including Seven Seas Car Hire Ltd.
Claus and Laena were married in 2003 and they live at their family residence at Vaoala, Apia with their two children, Christina and Nicholaj Hermansen.

During the past 20 years Claus has gained a significant experience in doing business in Samoa and has developed important knowledge about the Samoan culture.

Project Samoa is the latest endeavor which was launched recently in 2013. The objective is to provide volunteers with a unique and safe working experience in an environment very different from what they are used to.  

Being from Denmark and with a vast experience in running a tourist facility, volunteers with Project Samoa are guaranteed reliable and professional support as well as an intensive introduction to Samoa and its culture..